Removing Parts Day 2

habilisboy, benjamin slaby, vw, volokswagen, bug, beetle, 1977, 77, rebuildToday I got my saws-all and I cut the bolt on my right front fender and off it came. It came off real quickly! Big relief! I also started ripping out the dash board to prep the car for paint. I plan on getting new tires because the tires that are on it are really rotted. And I can’t even fill them up long enough to get the car off of the trailer!

I also found a good VW bug parts supplier online and I decided that I’m going to have to buy a new front apron because the one that is on the car was in a accident with the previous owner and it was completely covered in body so the trunk would close. So that will cost me another $50. That’s all I got done today.

Tell me what you think!