Trade Plus Cash

Honda Shadow

Long story short I got the bike all put together and it looked beautiful. But just a day or so after I got all the plastics on the bike, I was walking it down the driveway and I slipped on some pine needles and the bike fell and slid down the driveway putting scratches al over it. It was a really painful moment for me because I had just put all that work into it to make it look good and then it fell, so that wasn’t fun.

I listed it on craigslist and had many people interested. In the end after many people came and looked at it I ended up trading my bike, for a 1997 honda shadow, a set of rims and 500 bucks. I was pretty happy with the deal. The shadow was in really good shape and had a lot less miles.

The plan for the deal was that the buyer would ride his bike here he would pay me and drop off the rims and bike and then take mine. Only a few of those things actually worked. Right as I was about to give the guy the title, I realized the buyer’s section had already been signed. That’s a big problem because this new guy wouldn’t be able to take ownership. So I told the guy I would get it all fixed and when done he could give me the last $500. He agreed and we went on our way.


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