Buying “new” wheels for my 96 Camaro

benjamin slaby, habilis boy, chevy, camaro, chevrolet, 1997, 97Today My brother and I jacked up the Camaro and took off the wheels. I had a little trouble because the car fell off of my jack so I had to call home and have my sister bring me my other jack so I could jack it up to get the other one out.

Once I got the wheels off we drove to the tire shop and I had the tires switched over to the new wheels. I ended up having to pay the guy $50 to get them balanced and swapped. When I got back I installed the wheels. I had trouble installing them because the center hole for the grease cap wasn’t large enough to fit al of the way over the cap. I am going to have to grind down the wheels a little bit to make them work. Today I made the car look nicer with the wheels.

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