On an African Safari…I know…crazy!

African SafariAs you all know I have a passion for cars and working on them. Well this spring I was presented a quite different opportunity than the ones I have been so used to. The opportunity was once in a lifetime. I was invited to go on a real live African Safari!! I’m writing this in South Africa right now! I’ve only been here a few days but man, what an exciting trip it has been thus far. I will be here for about two weeks in totality. This particular safari that I am on is actually a hunting safari. Everything we hunt is donated to the locals for consumption. 

Here are some of my emails to my mom… I’ll update more when I get home.


Day 1

We are now in Africa. Getting ready to board our last flight. Happy Mothers Day!


Day 2

Been hunting all morning. We took down a water buck. Having fun! WiFi is sketchy. We are going to be changing lodges at some point in the trip. I don’t think they have WiFi there. I’ll keep ya updated.


Day 4

I just wanted to let you know that all is well and we are having a great time! We just got back from a full day out and about. We were able to track and shoot a black wildebeest as well as a zebra. I am getting tons of pictures.


Day 5

We are out at another ranch for the day to hunt a red wildebeest. They have WiFi here so I thought I’d just let ya know how things are. Just a bit ago I shot a spring buck. First shot at 245 yards. Small animal. Everyone is very nice here and we are all happy and healthy. I tried to send you my blog post the other day but I don’t know if it went through. Miss you guys.

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