Making the 96 Camaro mine

habilis boy, benjamin slaby, camaro, chevrolet, chevy, 1996, 96, rebuildToday was the first real day of work on the ’96 Chevy Camaro. My main goal for today was to get the car cleaned and prepped for work. The first thing I did was clean the interior. I went to Wal Mart and bought some seat cleaner. I went right to work. Soon I had the seats all clean, the whole car vacuumed and all of the panels wiped.

Even though I did all that, I still didn’t feel like it as my car. So, I decided that I would wash out all of the traces of the old owner with a steam cleaner. I went over every inch of that car and got it to shine. Once I finished steam cleaning, the car looked as good as new on the inside. I then went on to cleaning the exterior. I was surprised at how good the car looked once it was cleaned! I decided to get to work on the cosmetic damage.

The first thing I did was sand of all of the old pealing clear coat off of the front and rear bumper. It was taking forever to sand the bumper by hand until I found my electric sander and then from there, it was a breeze. Today, the 1996 Chevy Camaro turned into Benjamin’s Camaro Project. I am very exited for what is to come.

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