New Project: How To Buy A Used Car

How To Buy A Used Car

This summer I spent two weeks in Connecticut with my mom and sister. My sister was attending a summer ballet program for six weeks in Middlebury, Connecticut. It was beautiful area, but I’m glad I didn’t have to stay there the full six weeks, or I would’ve gone crazy! Staying at a hotel, far away from my car projects with nothing to fix would have been torture for me! Even two weeks would’ve been tough but we turned it into a new project!

People always ask me to help them buy cars and trucks because of my extensive experience doing it myself. I know lots of things to look for and have a pretty good idea of what it costs to fix things that are not quite right on a car. So my mom and I decided that it would be a great ideas to make a video course and offer it for sale on my website.

Basically it’s a video course. It walks you through the whole process of buying a used car. 

I actually had a lot if fun filming all of the videos with mom. We did quite a few. From inspecting the car to the test drive. Long story short we created a nice series of videos to help someone successfully buy a used car.

To do the videos we had to film me explaining how to look at a car and what to look for to figure out if it might be an OK buy, or if it was a piece of junk.

We also had to film me driving a car around and telling what to look for and listen to while driving. My mom was on the camera and I was both hands on the wheel and talking.

This video course is going to be really cool and help lots of teenagers and their parents buy a quality used car.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the product, but will have it launched soon! If you’d like to be updated when it’s ready, please sign up for my email updates on this page. I’m really excited to launch these videos!

Tell me what you think!