Making plans for my 77 VW Bug

habilisboy, benjamin slaby, vw, volkswagen, bug, beetle, 77, 1977,Today I didn’t do any thing on my car except plan what I will do next. I decided to take the car off of the trailer and role it under the car port. Then I plan on lifting up the car putting it on jack stands because all of the tires or flat.

At that point I plan on taking the body off of the frame so that I can patch up the body better and so that I can prime and paint the frame and the bottom of the body. Also when the body is off of the frame that i can fix all of the floor pans that rusted through.

Another advantage of lifting the body off of the frame is that I can adjust the suspension so that it will be a lifted bug so that it will look more like a truck.

Thats my plans so far for the bug so far. So I think this will be the best plan of action.

Tell me what you think!