Goal is not to be perfect in 77 VW Bug project

habilis boy, benjamin slaby, vw, bug, volkswagen, beetle, 77, 72I did a considerable amount of work to the bug. I decided that I don’t need to make this car perfect I just need to get it done. I ditched my plans of doing a body off restoration and am now going to just patch it together.

I cut out the floor pans that were really bad. I also removed some of the fiberglass that the previous owner used for the back window. I also removed the dash board cover and instead of installing a new one, I’m just going to leave it as metal.

I also steam-cleaned the seats and I am going to be putting covers on instead of paying $400 to get them reupholstered. I picked out a paint scheme that I think will look awesome. The color will be same emerald green of the 2011 Camaro. The impressions of the hood will be black and the side panels will be black.

Tell me what you think!