96 Chevy Camaro Adventure

habilis boy, benjamin slaby, camaro, chevy, 97, 1997Today I am getting a little bit off track by buying a 1996 Chevy Camaro. The reason I bought the Camaro is because I need to earn money to fund my bug builds. Sometimes it takes money to make money! I plan to fix up this Camaro and resell for a nice profit. The owner said the car needs a new transmission but otherwise the car is in sound shape.

Today I went to look at it with my sister Margo. The owner wasn’t home but his mom was. She let us into the house. Her son was at work. We weren’t inside long, but long enough to want to get outside. There were motorcycles in the living room and the kitchen sink was connected to a dish washer. That was new to me! The house smelled real bad too.

As Margo and I were looking at the car, we overheard the owner’s mom talking to her son on the phone. She said, “He’s nothin’ but a kid!” Margo and I were dying inside trying not to laugh!

The interior was in good shape; the only problem was the headliner was sagging. The exterior was so-so. The paint is very nice, except it is peeling on the front and rear bumper. There are some cracks on the front bumper and there is a dent on the passenger side rear quarter panel. I wasn’t able to hear the engine run, but later, the owner called me and let me hear the engine over the phone.

While I was looking at the car, I gave him a call about the price. I talked him down from $800 to $650. I was a little disappointed about the wheels. The wheels are the crappy black steel wheels but it is what it is. I spoke with his mom and I paid her and I made sure that I got a Bill of Sale because the owner hadn’t signed the title yet.

I arranged for a tow truck to come tomorrow to pick up the car for $100. I think I scored big and I hope to fix the car and then sell it for a great profit.

Tell me what you think!