Getting tires for my 77 VW Bug

habilis boy, benjamin, vw, bug, volkswagen, beetle, 1977, 77, rebuild,Today my sister and I went to a used tire shop to get some tire for my bug. The first place we went to didn’t have the right tires but they recommend an other place that has the tires.

I was looking for some taller tires because the bug is going to be lifted. I ended up paying $40 per tire. At first, I only bought two tires because I couldn’t get the other two off. The bolts we so rusted on that my impact wrench could not take them off.

The first two rims that I brought to the tire shop worked fine with the new tires. I later got my breaker bar and eventual got the last two tires off. When we got the wheels to the tire shop the guy pulled off the old tires off of the rims to reveal a very rusty rim.

The tire shop guy only charged and extra $5 to take a grinder and grind off all of the rust and then take an wire brush and brush the wheel down. Long story short, I got a set of slightly used tires mounted on to the rims, rims cleaned, new valve stems and the tires balanced for $165. I think that’s a good deal but I’m not sure.

I got the tires mounted on to the car and rolled if off of the trailer where it would sit for almost a month unattended.

Tell me what you think!