Digging out the transmission for my 96 Camaro!

habilis boy, benjamin slaby, camaro, chevy, chevrolet, 1997, 97, rebuildToday was my parts day. My brother, dad and I, armed with tools, drove out to Umatilla, FL to get some parts off of a 1997 Camaro. When we arrived the place was kind of “Hilly Billy-ish.”

They had a monster truck. Their laundry machines were outside and it wasn’t a very nice house. We were led around to the back yard to the car. We stood by the car for a minute with the owner while he was trying to sell me the whole car. I told the guy that I wasn’t interested in buying the whole car so we started taking parts of of his car.

The first thing I did was get my brother and dad working on taking out some of the smaller parts that I needed. I then jumped under the car and started removing the transmission. I got everything disconnected but the transmission wouldn’t budge. The owner eventually found out that we had missed a bolt on top of the bell housing.

It took us a long time but eventually we got it off and the transmission out. I ended up getting everything that I wanted except for the dashboard because the one on that car was destroyed. I ended up paying $550 for a transmission, a two piece drive shaft, the hydraulic trunk lift, the drivers mirror, the center console, a K&N air filter, the vizors, a sweet flow master muffler and a set of 30th university wheels and tires. Today was a fun day!

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