Digging into frustration with my 96 Camaro

habilis boy, benjamin slaby, chevy, chevrolet, camaro, 97Today I did some more work on my Camaro. Today I pulled the dent that is on the passenger side. It was kind of tuff. I’m still going to need to Bondo the spot because I didn’t get it pulled out al of the way. I also tore out the headliner because it was sagging. I proceeded to jack up the car and put it on jack stands so I could start taking out the transmission. The first thing I did was remove the drive shaft. I started to unbolt the transmission bell housing but I couldn’t get any of the bolts off.  So thats what I did today.

I have been looking around for parts and I think I found I good car to get the transmission out of and some other parts. The parts car I think I’m going to get parts from is a 1997 30th university Camaro. Its got the same engine and transmission as mine witch is awesome.

I also am going to need to get some other parts that consist of a dash board pad a hydraulic shock to hold open the trunk, the front fog lights, the drivers mirror the center console, the wheels and of course the transmission. I hope I get a good deal and get all of the parts that I need.

Tell me what you think!